every girl gets it

you know the feeling, you can't put your finger on why you feel funky, dull and run down. i frequently heard this described from clients settling into my chair. seeing the feeling melt away and replaced with confidence and rejuvenation was one of my favorite things as a stylist. i think every woman gets it now and then, and i am convinced that getting your hair done (cut, trimmed or even just styled) is the perfect remedy for this syndrome. yesterday was my rejuvenation day! my pixie had grown into an unsightly ragged mess :( i tried a new salon and i am very happy with my cut. it's a paul mitchell salon and as a huge fan of the line, i new i could literally book an appointment with anyone and be satisfied. the very first salon i worked at was a paul mitchell platinum salon and having a bit of experience with the kind of training they require i knew i would be happy. i can't believe my short-short hair is now long enough for a straight bob! i loved it really short and i may just alternate from pixie to bob(?)
time will tell.
 this and this was my inspiration (that i showed my stylist)


  1. luv the hair!!! and ur top is cute too. fp! i know the feeling ur describing in ur post...for me a brow wax works too!

  2. This is how Megan, Hannah, and I always felt after coming to you to get our hair cut! Remember when you first cut Hannah's long hair off into that cute bob? It made her feel like a college girl. Hope you enjoy a blessed Christmas in OC,
    Love Pat

    1. yes! i loved doing that short cut on hannah!!! she looked so amazing with it :) i miss you guys xoxo merry christmas!!


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