morning coffee

morning coffee on our patio is one of my all time favorite things :) this morning was so beautiful, a little cloudy and all the birdies singing. i did finger waves the other day and slept with a scarf last night to ensure they kept their shape. which works pretty well! i love these waves with my platinum color…it's so classic looking. tgif, have a great weekend!


plus 2

our family grew by 2!! july 9th my sister Angie gave birth to twins, boy Fulton and girl Rita :) they were both healthy size and weight. mommy, daddy, and kids are so thrilled to finally have the twinsies here….double blessings!
xoxo goldinloxxx


feather tie

i added little feathers to my FP braid-in. they sell some made like that, but mine didn't originally come with the feathers. i think it is more fun this way :)
*link to the braid-in is in my post below


palette 9

neutrals. delicate and romantic…..lace and ruffles come to mind. i am a fan of neutrals, however i am personally careful when/if i wear them…being fair skinned it's kinda tricky to pull them off. on olive, tan skin neutrals are super gorgeous but i find that us fair girls look good in a darker tan or brown just because if the shade is too light one can look well… um…naked LOL. some light neutrals are too similar to our skin tone :) anyway during summer with a little tan i can definitely pull it off, and i plan to. xx
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