cool mint + burnt orange

this week i have really been into mint green. pairing mint and orange turned out to be a great combo :) i love love this top….just might wear it to church this easter sunday. 


jeans and cap

with warm weather here me and b are doing lots and lots of beach days (or nights! bringing dinner down to watch the sunset is one of our favorite cheap dates :) it gets chilly in the evening so... bundling up with blankies, hats and sweaters is a must. i just got this sailor cap beanie from free people and it really does the trick. i am looking forward to many of these days with my buddy :)


spring platinum

so ya, going platinum has been a fabulous experience. it's something i always wanted to do (as a hairstylist) but i knew i needed to be good and ready, because it is a commitment. if you want to go platinum it's good to think about a few things; 
do i think i want to keep the look for at least a year? do i realize that i will need root touch ups every 2-3 weeks? (this is because you shouldn't let the new growth get longer than a 1/2 inch or else the touch up will not be an easy task), will i want to wear at least light makeup everyday? no makeup with very, very light hair can make you look a little sick LOL. can i commit to taking extra good care of my hair i.e. conditioning masks, regular trims, and platinum shampoo (i love the matrix "so silver" or paul mitchell platinum).

 a couple months ago i knew it was my time :) yolo. i absolutely love it! nothing like a fresh spring hair color…..i am keeping this look for a while.

*image sources 1/2/3/4


recent work

thought i'd post some of my recent work. this little lady is almost finished :) i've been enjoying doing this collection of figures with their girlie outfits…i'll post more soon.